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Figuring it Out

Title: Figuring it Out
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Words: 2392
Warnings: Spoilers for the next episode of Glee. (highlight for Spoiler:
Mentions o fblaine .)
Author's Note: I don't even know where half of this came from. I basically took Puck's return and made it after the whole mess with Karofsky which pissed me off and had my Kurt just decide he wants to transfer straight away, and of course money is no object because Burt owns a successful business okay? Lots of money.*blink* I hope you like it?
Disclaimer: If I owned this show it wouldn't be half as awesome, because I freely admit that RM is totally more talented than I am. So lets all just be happy I don't and move on.
Blaine watched the old truck speed off and glanced at Kurt's face, the strange mixture of confusion and pleasure made him smile. “So, is he still just an acquaintance?”

Blaine watched the old truck speed off and glanced at Kurt's face, the strange mixture of confusion and pleasure made him smile. “So, is he still just an acquaintance?”


Kurt pursed his lips a bit watching the truck himself for a few more moments before giving an awkward half smile, “I suppose he's more of a friend than I thought.”


Blaine shook his head ruefully as he straightened from where he'd been leaning against Kurt, and regarded him curiously, “Did he know about what Karofsky did last week?”


Kurt stiffened, “No. I didn't tell anyone about that really. I just said that it'd gotten to be...too much.”


Blaine hadn't known Kurt forever, but he'd known him long enough to be aware of his pride. So it made sense that he hadn't told anyone. “Seems like he tried to take care of it anyway.”


Kurt frowned again, “Yes, it does seem that way. Which is odd.”


“Come on, lunch is almost over.”


Kurt hesitated, “He thought we were dating.”


“I noticed, it was a bit hard not to notice when he was threatening my balls.” Blaine glanced at him with a smile, “Which makes me think that your school might just have more closet cases than you thought.”



Kurt sputtered as they re-entered the main building, and it just made Blaine laugh a bit as they strode towards class.




ChocolateDiva: Kurt. You wont believe what happened today.

DevilWearsMarcJacobs: I think I could say the same to you. But you go first.

ChocolateDiva: Puck is apparently Bi.


ChocolateDiva: No really, Puck skipped today and none of us know where he went but Karofsky said that he admitted it to Azimo while he was messing them up the other day.

ChocolateDiva: And then when he showed up at Glee Practice he was all bummed out (which he wouldn't explain, there's so dirt there and I want it) but when I asked he just sort of was like “well yeah, who cares?”


ChocolateDiva: I thought you'd be pleased?

DevilWearsMarcJacobs: You're sure?

ChocolateDiva: Why would I lie about that? And why would he? I mean he's still the baddest ass in school so he's not getting a lot of crap about it, but the cheerios refuse to talk to him now.

ChocolateDiva: Well except Santana. But I think she's secretly a sociopath. So I doubt she cares.

ChocolateDiva: Kurt?

DevilWearsMarcJacobs: I need to go. I'll ttyl.





The next morning Blaine was pondering the choice of waffle or pancakes in the cafeteria; one of the perks of going to a high-end boarding school was having breakfast always made fresh, one of the perks of being a senior at said school was that your dorm was only down the hall from the cafeteria so you got first dibs.


Of course a very flushed Kurt half shouting, “How did you know Puck wasn't straight?” wasn't what Blaine thought he'd be hearing at 7 in the morning. He shared a glance with the breakfastlady, and she just waved him to the side with a brief “figure it out then you can jump back in and I'll save you a bit of both” to which Blaine smiled, because really that was cool of her.


“So your friend from yesterday isn't straight? And just how did you figure this out?” Blaine knew he should be taking this far more seriously, but watching the younger guy pace frantically while trying to act like he didn't care was a bit amusing.


He outed himself to Karofsky of all people while beating him up last week. And then confirmed it at practice. But he isn't gay, he's 'bi' and I'm not even sure what that means really since he's literally screwed 3 out of 5 females in my old school. So he obviously likes girls!” Kurts voice is severe and rises and falling in a way that reminds Blaine of his twin sisters best friend who used to spend all of her time raving about how they needed to save the whales.


Blaine shouldn't find it humorous but he did. “What's not to get about bisexuality? Have you heard of the Kinsey scale?”


Kurt blinked at him slowly, “What?”


Blaine shook his head, “Let me get my waffles and I'll explain.”



(Facebook Feed)

Kurt E. Hummel is a 9 on the Kinsey Scale bitches.

           Blaine Kelly

                    Kurt the scale only goes to 6.

           Kurt E Hummel

                    Oh I know. ;]



WillWorkForWaffles: Hey, wtf is the Kinsey scale?

FreeWheelin: What?

WillWorkForWaffles: Kurt? He's a 9 on it. What's the Kinsey Scale?

FreeWheelin: Has anyone introduced you to Google? If not I'm about to introduce you to the best thing you've ever met. that a trick question? I bet Google is a bitch.

FreeWheelin: You'll see.




Noah L. Puckermann is too hot for the Kinsey Scale.

             Artie Abrams

                      Puck I don't think that's how it works.

             Noah L. Puckerman

                       I don't give a flying fuck.



Kurt frowned at his facebook feed, only the lean back and glare at Blaine who was watching him with a grin, “How the hell did Puck know about the Kinsey scale? I didn't know about the Kinsey Scale until yesterday!”


Blaine shrugged, “Ever heard of Google?”


“Like he'd look that up just because I mentioned it, and then post his own status!” Kurt snorted and rolled his eyes.


Blaine shrugged with a small grin, “Well I have a feeling that's exactly what he just did. Now come on new kid we'll be late for rehearsals.”


Blaine realized as he strode out of the commons that he was beginning to enjoy making Kurt sputter in indignation.




Puck sagged against his locker feeling a bit dejected, sure he was passing Geometry now, Glee was going well, and every once in a while he'd look up to Mr. Shue giving him that “I fixed you” look. So really he had no reason to feel dejected, but the whole facination with Kurt was sort of ruining his life a bit at the moment.


Flirting with Santana was fun, but he didn't really care enough to actually take her up on it anymore. Artie was cool, and Sam was a bit dense but still fun to be around, but Finn was still sort of a closeted ass and Puck hadn't ever really got why Mike Chang was considered 'cool'.


Puck figured he was pretty stupid slouching around missing the one kid he'd claimed to hate for most of his school career, especially when that kid had moved on to a better place and was probably not coming back.


Puck resisted the urge to kick the locker across from him and decided to go to Glee a few minutes early.




When Blaine opened an email and found a message from Kurt with the subject of “Rehearsals Friday” he opened it immediately instead of the 20 thousand messages from various other people.


I've gotten permission to go home for the weekend, so I'm leaving straight after classes today and I'll have to miss the rehearsals tonight. Sorry for the short notice but I'm trying to make a show. I'll see you on Monday!




Blaine smiled and shook his head ruefully, he had a feeling he knew what show Kurt was trying to make.




Puck hated Will Shuester sometimes, and the older man announcing that he'd accepted an impromptu challenge from the “Hipsters” for all of them was one of those times.


A week of Berry's hyperactive flutterings, high pitched shreiks, and practices that ran 3 hours long meant that New Directions was ready for the show. But only just.


It also coincided with a football team, which meant that really the only male left to perform that night would be Puck.


Which was just lovely. Really.


Except that Berry had decided that he had to be flawless because of it, which Puck sort of resented since he was always flawless.




Kurt hadn't missed McKinley High. But he missed his friends, so when he'd seen Rachel having panic attacks on Facebook about a performace he knew he needed to make it, and he wanted it to be a surprise so he hadn't told anyone he was coming home for it. So he wasn't expecting a party to be waiting for him at the school when he got there. And he was fine with that really.


He was able to slip into the back of the auditorium, and watching the Hipsters should have been hilarious. But it wasn't, because they were sort of good, and disturbing at the same time. Of course New Directions was brilliant, Rachel wouldn't accept anything but the best from everyone around her. And she had some how made do with only Puck to carry the male vocals. And Kurt vaguely wondered where the other guys were, but shrugged it off so that he could applaud.


He was making his way to the chorus room to surprise the rest of the club, because that's where they inevitably ended up for Mr. Shue's traditional “You Guys Were Great!” speech when Kurt heard a voice that made him freeze.


“Hey LadyBoy. Haven't seen you around for awhile. Come back to meet The Fury?” Karofsky's voice hadn't changed, and the sick smirk he wore wasn't so much new as a reminder of every reason he'd left McKinley.


The larger boy was bearing down on him and Kurt raised his chin, refusing to move. But Karofsky froze and Kurt felt himself blink before he glanced over his shoulder to find a very unimpressed Puck glaring at the football player.


“Shouldn't you be at the field Karofsky.” Puck made the question into a statement, “And anyways, I seem to remember something about breathing in his presence. Or do you need a refresher? 'cause I'd be happy to provide one.”


Karofsky straightened in defiance, “I'm not afraid of you Puckerman, you're too afraid of going back to Juvie to actually-”


And it almost happened too quickly for Kurt to process it, but Puck was suddenly slamming the lager boy against the lockers with a deadly expression. “You're going to go back to the football game, Kaofsky. And when you get there, you'll thank god that I'm on probation because if I wasn't I'd give you something to really be afraid of. Now. Go.”


Puck let go and stayed firmly between him and Kurt as the larger boy actually scurried away. When the bully was out of site Puck's shoulders sagged and he turned to face Kurt who was feeling a bit numb from shock.


“Next time, could you like warn me or something? 'Cause I'd have reminded him today at lunch or something. That kids such a weirdo.” Puck sighed, “I don't even know what his problem is.”


“He's gay.” Kurt slapped a hand over his mouth almost shocked that he'd actually said it and Puck frowned at him.


“Wait what? He's gay? How would you even know that?” Puck blinked, “and how would that make it okay?”


“It doesn't make it okay, and he might have kissed me or whatever.” Kurt crossed his arms and refused to meet the inquiring gaze Puck was sending his way, “I didn't exactly enjoy it either. It was sort of repulsive. And I hate that it counts.”


Kurt didn't notice Puck moving closer until he looked up and jumped to find the larger male so close, and Puck didn't look happy. He looked upset, and worried; which sort of made Kurt feel like he she reassure him or something but it was all just a bit surreal.


“He didn't like hurt you though right? I mean 'cause if he did I'll totally kick his ass again for you. You didn't tell anyone. Why didn't you tell anyone?” Puck was suddenly holding Kurts face and turning it gently from side to side as if to check for injuries. “No wonder you left. I should have done something sooner. Why did you tell Finn? Or Sam?”


Kurt jerked away slightly but Puck's hands remained firm, “Like Finn would have done anything, he'd just have accused me of turning Karofsky gay.” Kurt knew his voice was bitter, but he didn't care.


Puck sighed, “Yeah, well Sam would have done something. Dude is a dweeb, but he's a good guy. No way he'd have let that stand. Mike would have helped too.” Puck shook his head and dropped his hands in an almost guilty way, “What're you doing here anyway?”


“I came to see you guys perform.” Kurt hated that he suddenly felt colder and that he wanted those hands back, “You were great! I missed you guys. So I thought this was the perfect time to come visit.”


Puck snorted, “Berry is gonna give birth to a cow. It'll be great. Come on.”


And Kurt was shocked to find that walking to the chorus room with Puck sort of felt nice. He was even more shocked when he realized he wanted to hold Puck's hand.



Blaine jerked a bit when his phone beeped late Saturday morning.


He blinked at the alert telling him the text was from Kurt. He flicked it open to find “We aren't ever going to date are we.”


Blaine smiled, a bit bitterly, before responding.


“Aren't you already really into that Puck guy? Besides I'm not your type and you know it. I'm too nice. You know that already.”


He had barely turned back to his book when his phone beeped again, and he flicked it open to “Really "too nice"? Because I thought that's what I wanted.”


Blaine shook his head, and sighed wondering how to explain this. “You'd get bored Kurt. You're all fire and passion and I'm...well I'm a Buddhist okay? I like my middle path. You deserve someone to match your fire.”


Blaine didn't even bother turning back to his book and he didn't have to wait long for the, “Well then I'm dropping you for a Jew then. I think. Maybe. We'll see.”


Blaine smiled, “Courage***” 

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