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Hangovers and Realizations 1b

Title: Hangovers and Realizations (1a/?)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Rating: NC-17 
Sequel to
Shimmy Down with the.....Hotch?
Summary: Aaron wakes up confused, but soon figures it out.
 !!!!!! Also; holy shit this is the first time I've written something too long for a single post. o_o

Spencer awoke slowly, warmed completely through and content. He almost thought the previous day had been a dream, but he still ached in a slightly delicious way and Hotch was still wrapped around him. Spencer smiled as he gazed at the older man, he rarely got what he wanted so easily and he wasn’t sure how to feel about his boss practically sweeping him off his feet.

But he did know that he’d never had much more than a one night stand before, and it seemed like Hotch wanted more than that. Spencer wasn’t sure if he wanted a relationship but he knows that he’s up for whatever the older man wanted.

So the easiest thing to do was allow himself to relax against the other man and wait for him to wake up. It wasn’t too long before Hotch tightened his grip on Spencer and sighed before blinking, “Morning?”

Spencer couldn’t help but smile, “Morning!”

Hotch grinned back, “So do you have a place for breakfast you go to on Sundays too?”

Spencer rolled his eyes, “Yes actually, I do.”

“Seriously? Do you never cook?” Hotch’s voice was slightly amused and Spencer just shrugged against him, “Oh well, do you want to go then?”

Spencer shrugged, “If you want to, I need to run by the library at some point today. So…”

“Hmm, what time do they open?”

Spencer blinked slowly, “Wait it’s Sunday?” Hotch nodded silently while nuzzling his cheek, “And it’s the 12th?”

Hotch blinked, “Well…yeah, yeah it is. Why?”

“The book is due today and the only branch of the public library open today is MLK Jr. Memorial and that’s an hour away but they don’t even open until one so I doubt we’ll miss it. But still I hate it when they have irrational due dates.” Spencer tried to ignore the amused look on Hotch’s face as he scrambled over the older man to see the alarm clock, he sighed again. “Come on. It’s only 9 so we should have time for breakfast at Lillian’s if we leave soon…” Spencer was already in his closet to grab some clothes when he realized the older man might not want to go with him.

He bit his lip and shook his head continuing to pull on his clothes, Aaron wasn’t in the bedroom when he came back out and Spencer found him completely dressed in the t-shirt and jeans from the day before in the living room. Spencer clutched the 3 books he needed to return to his chest, things suddenly seemed much more complicated in the light of day.

They’d talked the night before but it just didn’t seem…adequate in the morning light, Hotch wanting to have sex with him on a regular basis didn’t automatically mean his boss wanted to suddenly spend all this time with him.

But when Hotch saw him, the other man just smiled, “Do you mind if we swing by my apartment so I can change? I ah, normally don’t wear the same clothes two days in a row. Although I didn’t spend much time in these, did I?”

Spencer blinked and shook his head, “Of course we can. You don’t even have to come if you don’t want.” He busied himself stuffing the books into his messenger bag and studiously not looking at Hotch.

“Well, if you don’t mind me coming I’d like to. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the library, and you have good taste in breakfast places.” Hotch’s voice was slow and it was obvious he was weighing his words, and Spencer suddenly felt irrationally angry.

“Look Hotch, I’m serious. You don’t have to force yourself to hang around because we’ve had sex; I know how weird and annoying I can be. Don’t worry about it; I’d rather you were honest.” Spencer knew his voice was sharp even as he stared down at his bag uselessly wondering just what he would do if his boss left, he swallowed at the thought.

He wasn’t expecting the arms that wrapped around his waist and he stiffened momentarily before melting back against the older man, Hotch nipped his ear lightly before resting his chin on Spencer’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t go with you if I didn’t want to, and I’ve always told you before when I found you annoying so I wouldn’t start hiding it now. As for weird, I prefer the term eccentric and I like that about you.”

Spencer sighed halfheartedly feeling comforted despite himself as he rested his hands over the older mans arms, “Hotch, you’ve never told me I was being annoying.”

Hotch’s arms tightened, “Exactly.”

They hung there for a while without moving, and Spencer felt better. Hotch wasn’t anything like the people he was accustomed to sleeping with, for one he hadn’t slunk off in the night to leave Spencer to wake alone with the gnawing fear he was cheap. Finally, to Spencer’s embarrassment, his stomach rumbled in hunger and Hotch gave a huff of laughter against his neck that made him shudder. “Come on babe, lets get you some food.”

“Food sounds good.” Spencer turned as Hotch began to let him go and wrapped his arms around the other man. “Thank you Hotch. Really.”

Hotch’s arms tightened again as Hotch found his mouth for a kiss, “Call me Aaron loverboy. I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten past work etiquette here, in fact I’m pretty sure we ran out of that months ago but now it just seems redundant.” Spencer blinked and opened his mouth to respond but Hotch kissed him again, “No arguments. And I’m the one who should be thanking you. Now come on, lets get you fed soon. I don’t want you to expire on the spot, I have plans for later.”

Lillian’s was another of his weekly haunts that he’d grown incredibly fond of, he’d never actually noticed that the wait staff had apparently become as fond of him until he walked in with Hotch’s arm slung around his waist and Lily herself came out to ask who his friend was. On the whole he found it incredibly embarrassing, but heartwarming as the little old lady poked Hotch with narrowed eyes and made several heavily concealed threats as to what would happen if he “slipped up.”

To his credit Hotch met the woman’s gaze firmly and told her in a completely serious tone that he “had very good balance.” Which Spencer was sure meant a lot more than he was aware of; but it seemed to appease Lily, who smiled and brought them both extra pancakes.

Hotch’s apartment was almost exactly what Spencer had imagined, with a few minor details he hadn’t considered. But trailing a hand along the mantle taking in pictures of Jack, Sean and others Spencer hadn’t met he suddenly wanted to know who all of these people were, he could make extrapolations but he wanted Hotch to tell him, to explain in minute detail who they were and why they graced his mantle.

He was half surprised when he came to a framed print of the photo Penelope had insisted they get taken at the last department picnic, it didn’t seem right that he was anywhere among the pictures of people Hotch obviously held dear. He absently wondered why putting the left over pancakes in the fridge was taking so long when Hotch’s arms slid around his waist again; it seemed to be a habit the other man had picked up somewhere, but one that Spencer was becoming increasingly fond of.

“That was a good day.” Spencer nodded absentmindedly at the other man’s statement still gazing at the picture, “I’m not quite settled in the place yet. But I like it.” That statement caught Spencer’s attention and reminded him of the other man’s recent divorce.

He grimaced slightly, and interlaced his fingers with Hotch’s letting their palms rest against each other. “It’s lovely. Much more organized than my apartment.”

Hotch grinned against his neck, “Ah I dunno, yours is sort of an organized chaos but it’s like a home in that way; mine is just empty.”

Spencer felt horrible at the sad edge that had crept into the other man’s voice; he turned in Hotch’s arms and kissed him wanting to do anything to banish that tone again. Hotch tried to pull away but Spencer let his mouth slip to the older man’s throat, he smirked in triumph as the other man gave a small gasp. “Spencer, you needed to get to the library soon. Please don’t start something you-“ Yup, there were many things in Hotch’s tone, but sadness wasn’t one of them at that point.

Spencer shook his head and let his hands trail down from Hotch’s shoulders to his chest and rubbed at his partners nipples through the thin t-shirt, “They don’t close till 5 and it’s barely noon, we have the time.”

Hotch gave a soft growl and Spencer felt the broad palms trail down to cup his ass briefly before pressing his hips impossibly closer, “I’m serious Doctor Reid, don’t tease me on this.”

“H-hotch I’m not teasing.” Spencer knew his voice was raspy and desperate as he allowed himself to grind against the other man.

And suddenly the other man was stepping back and Spencer was left gasping, and being held at bay by a hand on his chest. “Then strip.” Spencer shuddered again, and watched Hotch sink down onto his long couch. He stood there gasping for air trying to figure out what the older man was talking about, “Trust me Spencer, you’ll thank me for this later. Now strip.”

His hands shook almost visibly as he pulled off his shirt, and it took a few moment of fighting for him to get his pants undone. Standing in front of Hotch completely naked in the daylight was an odd experience, but he allowed Hotch to gaze his fill resolutely. But he welcomed sinking into Hotch’s warm embrace, even if the leather of the couch was cold.

There was something to be said for being naked while your partner was clothed, Spencer shuddered at the rough textures of unfamiliar cloth coupled with the smooth glide of Hotch’s palms along his skin. “God Spencer, you’re amazing.”

Spencer was too busy stifling his own moans as Hotch coaxed him onto his back under the older man’s stockier body, and suddenly the cool leather was just another overwhelming feeling against his overly sensitized skin. “H-hotch-“ Spencer’s voice broke on the name and the older man frowned slightly from above him.

“Aaron. Always Aaron when we’re like this.” His voice was dark and rough and Spencer wanted him to keep talking, to keep touching. But Hotch was just gazing at him, and Spencer felt himself whimper and slid his hands behind his neck to pull the other man down for a kiss. But Hotch resisted with a teasing smile, “Not yet. Almost.”

Spencer was beyond caring how he sounded as he keened softly, and in his hazy brain he had an idea. “A-aron.”

Aaron’s grin broadened and gained a slightly wicked gleam, “That’s better.” And suddenly Spencer felt a jean clad thigh thrust gently against his groin and begin rocking back and forth as Aaron finally claimed his mouth in a kiss.

Spencer felt himself thrusting back against the other man as his mouth was devoured ruthlessly. A hand was pinning his own wrists to the arm rest while the other ran along his side in what should have been a soothing manner, but only fanned the flames burning low in Spencer’s gut. Spencer was half against the other man as he bore down on his body in the most delicious way, and Spencer knew he was making a variety of sounds that would have made him blush any other time but in that moment all he cared about was Aaron’s mouth against his neck, Aaron's hand against his side, the rough feel of Aaron's thigh, and the constriction against his wrists.

He wanted to come, but he didn’t want it to end. He wasn’t thinking as he gasped a litany of Aaron’s name; begging, demanding, praying the other man would do something, anything to take him just there because Spencer was so close.

Then Spencer was there and he was gasping and coming and jerking against the other man’s body, and Aaron was letting go of his wrists to run both hands along his sides soothingly as Spencer slumped back and finally tried to catch his breath. He was vaguely aware of the blush spreading across his cheeks as he gazed up at the smirking Aaron.

“That was evil.” His voice was hoarse, and he swallowed several times as Aaron chuckled above him.

“No that was incredibly hot.” He nuzzled at Spencer’s throat as he attempted to sit up. And finally sat back to let him, of course this just made it easier for Aaron to pull him into another kiss. Finally the other man groaned and climbed off of Spencer, who was breathless again.

“I should get changed.” The older man looked down with a wince, “And take a cold shower or something.”

“Don’t you want me to…” Spencer felt the blush deepen as he paused and Aaron chuckled.

“You shouldn’t do something you’re too embarrassed to talk about.” The other man’s voice was playful but the comment still made Spencer frown.

He felt himself pout as he deftly grabbed the waist of Aaron’s jeans and pulled him back. “You want me to tell you what I want to do?”

Hotch smirked and rested a hand against his hair, “Sure.”

“And then I can do it?” Spencer narrowed his eyes up at the older man who raised his eyebrows in return.

“Only if you can verbalize it.” Aaron’s voice had dipped back down into that throaty tone that Spencer was learning to anticipate.

“Fine. I want to undo your pants.” He paused and looked at Aaron playfully and the other man smirked but nodded, and Spencer deftly undid the button and pulled down the other man’s fly, “I want to pull your pants down just enough.” Spencer again waited for the nod before complying, he smirked. “So someone decided to go commando today, Hotch I’m surprised. How often are you like this at work, hm?” He glanced back up at Aaron who was staring a him a blush spreading across his cheeks, “That’s a lovely mental image, but not right now. Right now I’m going to touch you. “

It was a fun game, and one that Spencer got better at as he went, blowing cool air on the other man and soft kisses against the head but finally pulled the panting Aaron down onto the couch next to him and leaned in to whisper loudly next to his ear, “I’m going to suck you again.”

Aaron groaned and Spencer didn’t wait for the nod as he slipped to the floor and between the half dressed mans thighs. He’d done this twice now, and he definitely enjoyed it; the part of his brain that was still rational mused about it being a control issue. Spencer happily let Aaron lead the way during sex most of the time, he didn’t mind being bossed around in the least, it was reassuring to be told exactly what the other man wanted. It was also nice in a darker way that Spencer wasn’t really ready to dissect yet.

But giving Aaron a blowjob completely turned that power dynamic on its head, because in that moment it was Spencer controlling Aaron’s responses. Spencer was the calm one as he licked and sucked and kissed, and Aaron was the one shuddering and half shouting obscenities, which was why Spencer vaguely thought he should look into finding a book on techniques, since there had to be one out there somewhere. It didn’t take long before Aaron was coming and gasping his name in that breathless tone that made a small part of Spencer glow with pride.

Spencer allowed the older man to pull him up for a kiss, and delighted in the way he was pulled close to Aaron's chest afterward and almost objected when Aaron shifted away. “It's nearly two, we need to head to the library if your going to turn in those books.” Aaron smirked, “Unless you'd rather stay here.”

Spencer felt his eyes widen and bit his lip slightly torn between the two options, “Well I've never actually had a late book, ever, and as much as I would love to just stay here that fact has always sort of been a point of pride that I've allowed myself and...”

He halted awkwardly when Aaron laid a finger against his mouth, “I was kidding. Just let me get dressed while you do too and then we'll take you to the library, I'm fine doing whatever.”

Spencer blinked and wondered again what the hell kind of dream he was having, things like this didn't happen to him. Men he wanted didn't just swoop down out of no where and deign to have sex with him. Life just didn't work that way, and yet it was happening.

He found himself swallowing nervously as he pulled his clothes back on and waited for Aaron to return.

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