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Hangovers and Realizations

Title: Hangovers and Realizations (1a/?)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Rating: NC-17 
Sequel to
Shimmy Down with the.....Hotch?
Summary: Aaron wakes up confused, but soon figures it out.
 !!!!!! Also; holy shit this is the first time I've written something too long for a single post. o_o

Aaron awoke the day after Morgan's birthday party with a massive headache, and severely confused. He was in a strange apartment, lying on an old worn couch that smelled faintly of Febreze and Chinese take-out. He was still looking around in abject confusion only to be greeted with Spencer appearing in the doorway smiling, “You up? Here I’ll get you some coffee and aspirin.”


Aaron sat up, wincing at the headache, only to be greeted with a mug of coffee and a palm with two pills. “Thanks.” His voice was rough, and he swallowed the pills and coffee quickly. “What the hell happened last night?”

Aaron looked up in time to see Spencer bite his lip before smiling again, “You got really very drunk Hotch. You out drank JJ, and you got the worm. Although the worm itself does actually do anything…”

Spencer paused at the look Aaron sent him and shrugged, “I don’t have a key to your place, so I just brought you here instead.”

Aaron frowned, “I didn’t do anything stupid…right?” He could remember his college days all too well and winced slightly.

Oh no, I don’t think anything you did was stupid. Don’t worry.” Spencer grinned again, and Aaron felt a doubt wriggle in his gut but he shrugged it off. “I was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast? I normally go to Stefanos Dinner for breakfast on Saturdays, it’s only about two streets over so…”

Aaron rubbed the back of his neck but smiled anyway, “Does this Stefano have toast?”

Yeah, 12 different kinds actually, different types of breads and Jam and stuff; it’s completely hangover friendly.” Spencer’s grin was a bit more genuine this time and Aaron relaxed. Spencer was always easy to be around.

He felt himself raise an eyebrow as his eyes were drawn to small scarf the younger man had wrapped around his neck, he knew Spencer got cold but it was mid July. Surely the younger man couldn’t be that cold.

But he shrugged it off as just an oddity of Spencer and followed his co-worker out of his apartment. The morning passed pleasantly enough, which didn’t surprise Aaron he’d always been overly fond of Spencer. Probably a bit too fond, if he was honest with himself.

Which he tried to be, but admitting to yourself that you wanted to grab your younger subordinate and fuck him would be a bit difficult for anyone. So Aaron generally let himself not think about it. But he found it a bit harder to not stare that morning, something was off about how he was responding; but he refused to analyze it too closely.

He left a few hours after breakfast and made his way home. It was a rainy day and his hangover wasn’t completely gone so he still felt tired, he was getting changed in his bedroom and glanced at his bed speculatively, finally with a sigh he decided he’d allow himself to get a quick shower and then take a nap. It was Saturday, it was lazy, his head hurt, and he wasn’t on duty for once; he was allowed to be lazy.

He settled down into his bed with a sigh, and felt himself drift off to sleep.

The salty tang of sweat on his tongue mingled nicely with the feel of the firm neck between his teeth. Someone was panting and moaning, and Aaron smirked around his mouthful as he squeezed his handful and was rewarded with the prettiest moan he'd heard in a long time followed by “Hotch!” in a should be familiar tone.


Aaron sat straight up with a gasp. That had definitely been one of the most detailed dreams he’d had about Spencer. He allowed himself to relax back onto the pillows with a sigh, and tried to get comfortable again. He wanted to sleep, and just relax for a while; it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable and sleep again.

The wet heat surrounding his cock was like nothing he'd ever experienced; it had been so long since he’d had a blow-job. Haley had never been willing to even consider the idea of giving him one, she’d found even the idea degrading; which Aaron hadn't ever understood. The reality of it was just as amazing as he'd always remembered it to be. It felt exquisite, and wrapping his hands in someone's hair just made it better, if that was possible. It'd been too long, and their tongue was too agile for Aaron to hold out long.

“Spencer, Spencer, oh god!”

Aaron didn’t bother sitting up this time, he just laid there gasping at the ceiling. He gave a groan and scrubbed his face with his hands. He never had this much trouble with the dreams, sure he had them. But not like these, it was almost like they were memories instead.

Then he was jolting to his feet in realization and grinning like a madman; he was shrugging on a t-shirt and jeans before he really thought about it. But he already knew where he was going as he grabbed his keys and headed for the door because he’d realized they were memories. Being drunk always made his memory fuzzy, but Spencer’s too bright smiles and that damn scarf, and even the wording of his answer “I don’t think anything you did was stupid” was shouting that something had happened.

It took him longer than he’d like to get across town to Spencer’s apartment; he froze for a moment unsure of what he’d say before shrugging it off and charging back up to Spencer’s door and knocking on it purposefully. He was met with a slightly surprised looking Spencer and Aaron could remember what he felt like and nearly groaned.

Hotch? Did you forget something I didn’t notice anything but-“

Aaron blinked but shook his head slightly and stepped into Spencer’s personal space with a wolfish grin, “I forgot something all right, but I remembered it just in time.”

Spencer swallowed and stepped back, forcing a smile “Well then we’ll look for it together? Was it your watch? Or-“

Aaron felt his grin widen as he pulled the door closed behind him and stepped forward into Spencer’s space again, “Definitely not a watch.” Aaron vaguely wondered if this was how a serial killer felt while they were “hunting”, he could almost see the appeal. Then again what he had planned for Spencer-he forced himself to concentrate on the moment. He couldn’t screw this up.

Spencer swallowed again and nervously stepped back turning to lead the way into the living room. And it was terribly easy for Aaron to pull the gangly man back against his own body, allowing his chin to rest on the younger man’s shoulder and his arms to wrap securely around his waist. “I think you know what I forgot, and I think you were going to try and hide it from me. Weren’t you Spencer?”

The younger man’s breathing was beginning to speed up a bit, and Aaron felt truly alive for the first time in months. One of his hands slipped up to the scarf still around Spencer’s neck and played with it idly, “I don’t think you’re actually very cold, my dear doctor. I think,” He gave a sharp tug and freed the loose knot holding the scarf in place to reveal the rather prominent hickey he’d apparently made the night before, “well I think you were just hiding the evidence.”

Spencer was half gasping for breath now, and Aaron let himself finger the mark slightly. “Hotch, don’t play at this. Please.”

Aaron felt himself frown against the younger man’s neck, “I never play about getting what I want Spencer. I go for it. And when I get it, I
rarely let it go.”

Spencer made a small sound in the back of his throat and it was all Aaron could do to not take him right there. But he sighed and forced himself to let go of Spencer and step back, “We need to talk about this.” He walked past Spencer and sank onto the couch he’d slept on the night before, and looked expectantly at the younger man who was watching him nervously from the doorway.

Spencer swallowed slightly and made his way to the couch before settling as far from Hotch as he could. Aaron frowned, that definitely wouldn’t do. So he sighed and shifted on the couch until he could pull the younger man close and wrap an arm around him. Spencer stiffened for a moment before visibly relaxing and allowing himself to learn into Aaron.

Aaron sighed contentedly, “That’s better. Now, we need to talk. Because I have a feeling I wasn’t in a very chatty mood last night.”

Spencer smiled ruefully and shook his head, “No not really.”

Aaron smiled and allowed himself to run a hand through the other man’s long hair, “So what exactly happened last night, hm?”

Spencer sighed and Aaron almost expected him to start purring, “You um, you made me uh…well I guess you could call it dancing. Penelope has it on video so I suppose you can judge that one for yourself.”

She has video?” Aaron knew he should be upset by that, but sitting and well cuddling with Spencer was a bit like petting a cat. It was almost impossible to get mad, so he just gave a small huff of laughter.

Yeah, that’s why I made you leave. I didn’t think anything would happen, I just…thought you’d been embarrassed enough, and then we got back here…and…” Spencer trailed off meaningfully and Aaron tugged on his hair gently.

And I probably practically molested you.” Aaron knew he sounded smug, but couldn’t find it in him to care.

Well yeah, then it only sort of seemed fair that I…y’know…” Spencer swallowed audibly and Aaron laughed.

Well I’m not complaining. I certainly enjoyed it.” He sighed contentedly, remembering again with a smile.

You don’t mind then?” Aaron blinked down at Spencer blankly and the younger man frowned, “You were drunk. And I took advantage of you.”

Aaron laughed, “Good lord, you make it sound like you poured the tequila down my throat and forced me to bed.” He paused and raised an eyebrow, “Not that I would have minded that either you know. In fact that sounds a bit like a plan to me…”

He tilted Spencer’s chin up until he could take his mouth in a kiss, and then another and another, until Spencer was boneless and pliable and Aaron was able to maneuver the slightly taller man to straddle his lap properly.

Aaron ran a hand up the other man’s back under his old gray CalTech t-shirt and pulling it off him easily. “Tell me you have lube Spence, and tell me you want this too.”

Aaron could feel the younger man’s breath hitch against his throat as he nuzzled his partner’s ear, “Yeah, yeah I do. I-“ Spencer cut himself off with a sharp gasp as Aaron bit the shell of his ear gently. “I do.” The words were more a moan than English, but Aaron understood him well enough.

Then lead the way to the bedroom Doctor Reid,” Aaron gave the younger man’s neck one last lave with his tongue before pulling them both up and letting Spencer lead the way to his bedroom shyly.

And Aaron soon found himself shrugging out of his own shirt and pushing an awkward looking Spencer back onto the bed before crawling over him, “Where’s the lube babe?” Aaron almost didn’t want to ask, but he knew he wouldn’t be thinking straight later on, and it was a rather important detail.

The bed side table.” Spencer bit his lip and Aaron could feel the other man’s gaze follow him as he stretched to get the lube. Sure enough he found an unopened bottle of….Sensual Strawberry Astroglide? Aaron blinked, before turning and raising an eyebrow at Spencer. Who turned beet red and covered his face with his hands, “Penelopeknewstrawberrywasyourfavoritesoshegotmethatasagaggift, buticouldn’tbringmyselftothrowitaway.”

It took a moment for Aaron to figure out what the younger man was saying, but eventually he smirked. “Well then, remind me to thank Penelope.” Spencer gave a small squeak of embarrassment before Aaron threw the bottle on the bed went back to nuzzling his throat. He let a hand trail down to Spencer’s fly and felt the younger man’s hands tighten on his shoulders where they’d come to rest. He bit the sharp collar bone before licking it gently; enjoying the intakes of breath and moans he was rewarded with.

Of course nothing had prepared him for the muttered “Oh god,
Fuck.” He was given when he finally slipped his hand into Spencer’s pants. Spence keened and bucked into his hand when he squeezed, and Aaron found his own breath becoming short as Spencer bit his lip and let his hands trail down to Aaron’s chest and torso to his fly.

It didn’t take long and they were both completely naked, and Aaron was the one groaning while Spencer watched silently with the most intense gaze Aaron had ever seen. “God
Spencer, you have to stop.”

Spencer rolled his eyes but complied and Aaron leaned down to kiss him forcefully. “I want you to ride my cock. Do you want that?”

God that sounds hot but I’ve never-“ Spencer’s voice was bordering on hoarse but Aaron felt a lead weight settle in his gut.

Oh Christ Spencer, tell me you aren’t a virgin.” He forced himself to stop and wait for an answer even as Spencer groaned in complaint.

I’m not a fucking virgin Hotch, god just because I haven’t freaking ridden someone before doesn’t mean I haven’t fucked and been fucked. Now come back here.” Spencer’s voice was demanding and impatient and Aaron rolled over with a huff of laughter, pulling Spencer along with him.

Spencer sighed contentedly before sitting up and grasping half blindly for the lube and thrusting it into Aaron’s waiting hand. The sweet artificial smell of strawberry permeated the air as Aaron deftly opened the bottle and palmed a rather large amount.

Spencer leaned down to kiss him while spreading his legs and resting lower body against Aaron’s, he gave a sharp gasp as Aaron let his slick palm massage the other man’s anus. “Hotch. It’s been a long…” Spencer gave another loud groan as Aaron eased a finger into him.

Aaron pressed a kiss to the other man’s neck, “Don’t worry. I’d never hurt you.”

Spencer bit his lip again, which Aaron was noticing as a habit but an endearing one, “I know Hotch. Just…slowly?” Aaron groaned but nodded before Spencer kissed him.

They stayed like that for a while, kissing languidly while Aaron played with Spencer, opening him in a way that the younger man hadn’t been opened in a while. Finally Spencer sat up with a gasp and Aaron grunted in disapproval and made to pull him back but Spencer shook his head. “Let’s do this. I want you,

Aaron smiled and handed the younger man the lube, “Who’d have thought that Spencer Reid would be a bossy bottom.”

Spencer stuck his tongue out, “As if you want this any less.”

Oh no Doctor Reid, you’re setting the pace for this one.” Aaron made a strangled noise as Spencer finally began coating him with lube, “You’re going to ride me and show me just how you like it. So that later when I’m fucking you I’ll know just how and where you want it.”

God Hotch, stop that.” Spencer’s voice was low again.

Aaron smirked, “Then shut me up Doctor, show me how you like it.”

Spencer gave a slightly strangled groan and sat up to position himself over the older man. Aaron's hands went to his boney hips almost instinctively as the younger man positioned him. And then Spencer was sinking down onto him and Aaron wouldn’t ever forget it.

It was tight and hot and perfect, the only thing that kept Aaron from letting his eyes close at the sheer bliss of the moment was the look on Spencer’s face. The younger man’s eyes were closed, his forehead was furrowed a bit in concentration, and his mouth was slightly open; it was the most erotic thing Aaron had seen in a long time.

Then Spencer was flush with his body, and Aaron was completely inside him. They rested like that for a moment, and when Spencer did finally move it almost took Aaron by surprise. But before long he was thrusting up into Spencer as the younger man rose and fell in a rhythm that was both familiar and completely new. Aaron felt his hands tighten on Spencer’s hips as the younger man started to pant heavily and finally opened his eyes.

Oh god. Oh God Hotch.” He was falling behind, too caught up in the moment to remember to move and Aaron heard himself give a low growl and slam his hips up into the younger man fiercely. Spencer gave another gasp, and Aaron almost felt guilty but Spencer was nodding. “Again. Oh god again. Do it again, Aaron please.

So he did. Over and over he drove into Spencer loving that he didn’t have to hold back, that he could just
fuck him and the younger man was loving it. One of Aaron’s hands made its way to Spencer’s cock, and Spencer’s eyes fell shut.

It didn’t take long for Spencer to give a small half sob and get even tighter around Aaron. Aaron felt himself slow slightly watching the younger man above him hang there, eyes closed and face twisted until finally he gave another sob and slumped foreword. Spencer caught himself but barely and Aaron was faintly aware of his palm being covered in Spencer’s come.

“Aaron, keep going.” Spencer was nuzzling at his jaw, “Please, I want to feel it when you let go.” And Aaron was groaning again and pumping his hips and Spencer was gasping against his neck while tightening rhythmically around Aaron. And suddenly it was all too much, and he lost the rhythm but he was still snapping his hips.

He. Was. Almost. There.

And then he was there, he could faintly hear someone groaning low in their throat but all he was aware of was the white hot feeling of letting himself completely go. When he finally came back to coherency he was gasping and Spencer was watching him luminously. “God Hotch that was hot.”

Aaron grinned and pulled the younger man down to him, dislodging himself from Spencer in the process which caused Spencer to grimace slightly. Aaron kissed the corner of his mouth, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so…”

Spencer snorted, “Yeah, well you did. And you’re going to do it again because that was hot.” He smiled at Aaron softly then, “Besides, I think it’s fairly obvious that I enjoyed it.”

Aaron laughed a bit before groaning, and dragging a pillow over and resting his head on it. “Don’t get too comfortable you.” He prodded Spencer slightly, and the younger man frowned at him, “We both need a shower, so as soon as I feel like I won’t fall over we’re both getting one. Together.” Aaron smirked and let a hand rest proprietorially on Spencer’s ass. “And I want to see if that Astroglide really tastes like strawberries.”

Spencer’s eyes went wide and he gave a small gasp that Aaron found far too endearing. He grinned and sighed pulling the younger man closer, allowing a hand run up and down along Spencer’s back and felt him sigh in response. Then Spencer stiffened a bit and Aaron knew that he’d started to think again and nearly groaned in frustration.

In the end Aaron just released and frustrated breath before sitting up and pulling Spencer up with him, “Now tell me what you’re thinking about.”

Spencer sighed and looked painfully awkward, Aaron rolled his eyes and laid a heavy hand on the back of Spencer’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. When he pulled away the younger man made a small sound of protest, “Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll kiss you again.”

“I just don’t know what this is.” Aaron blinked and frowned as the younger man shook his head, “I mean do you know the statistics for relationships in the work place? And aren’t you straight? I mean you’ve obviously done this before but when? And Who? And what about Haley? And Jack? And what does this mean about team dynamics? You aren’t going to suddenly listen to me all the time are you? Because sometimes I’m retarded, and as hot as the thought of you fucking me over your desk is we’d probably be caught and…” Spencer suddenly looked appalled and started to pull away, “Hotch you could be fired over this!”

Aaron just sat there listening with a puzzled look until Spencer pulled away, and he frowned before pulling him back, “Okay, I don’t know the statistics and frankly I don’t want to, and I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m bi it just never really comes up. But Spencer I went to college in the 80s, if you didn’t experiment you were weird. And what on earth do you mean ‘What about Haley and Jack?’ she left me. She can get over it, and Jack likes you, you know that. Hell Haley likes you, so I don’t see a problem.” Spencer was looking at him surprised and Aaron forced himself to continue, “As to team dynamics, no nothing is going to change, and I’m not going to get fired.” He smirked, “I can’t make any promises about fucking you on my desk. You’re right, that’s a seriously horny thought, thanks for the idea.”

Spencer swallowed as Aaron drew him back and nuzzled his ear, “As for what this is, it’s you and I getting to know each other before we go back to work on Monday. As for what we are at the moment, I don’t know. We’ll figure that out as we go, what matters is I want you and you want me. So just relax okay?”

Spencer sighed and relaxed against him again, “Kay. I can try to do that.”

“Now I think I promised you a kiss.” Aaron stood up and Spencer only watched him until Aaron gave a low sigh and pulled him up as well. “Bath time.”

Spencer frowned, “My shower isn’t that big so…”

“Hun, we won’t need that much room. I don’t plan to be that far from you.” Aaron knew his grin was borderline lecherous, but he couldn’t find it in him to care as he lead a wide-eyed Spencer to the ensuite bathroom.

Getting the shower the right temperature was easy enough, and Aaron turned back to see a wide eyed Spencer staring at him. “Come on then.” Spencer sighed awkwardly climbed in next to Aaron and stood under the shower. Aaron sighed and stepped closer, burying his face into the younger man’s neck and licking at the hickey he’d made, loving that it was there. Spencer sighed and rested his hands on Aaron’s back, gasping every once in awhile at the way Aaron nibbled at his neck.

Aaron smiled, “Has anyone ever told you that you have an amazing neck?”

“No?” His partner’s voice was a bit confused, but Aaron could tell it was pleased as well.

Aaron gave a small huff, “Well you do. Now I think it's time for that kiss.” He pulled away and Spencer looked at him expectantly, only to give a small confused sound when Aaron eased him around to face the wall. “Just go with it.” Aaron’s voice was low again, and he smiled against Spencer’s neck at the younger man’s sigh of annoyance.

It’d been too long since Aaron had been able to have this much fun with someone else’s body, and he was definitely going to savor it. He smiled at the way Spencer was gasping as he bit his way down the other mans back, “Hotch, what-“ He made a strangled sound in the back of his throat as Aaron sank to his knees and began to spread his cheeks, “Oh my god, Hotch what on earth?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “I’m making sure that you’re ok, and then I’m giving you a kiss.”

“That is in no way sanitary!” Spencer’s strangled tone made Aaron give a small smile as he inspected the small hole in front of him. He’d been harder than he’d meant to be earlier, but it seemed like Spencer had come through it alright, which was a relief. Aaron smirked and licked his lips before allowing himself to actually find out if that lube tasted like strawberries. “Oh, you were serious!”

The sweet tang of artificial flavoring didn’t cover up the taste of Spencer and Aaron gave a small exhale of satisfaction as he laved the small hole gently, easing his tongue in and out and Aaron was vaguely aware of Spencer’s hands scrambling on the smooth wall and panting Aaron’s name. Before long Spencer was incoherent and Aaron was pulling back more than a bit smug.

He hoisted himself to his feet easily before pressing another kiss against the back of Spencer’s neck, “Come on, let’s get you clean.”

Spencer made a small sound before turning around and glare at Aaron still panting, “You…what the hell?”

Aaron smiled and pressed another kiss against Spencer’s cheek, “I gave you a kiss.”

Spencer sighed and shook his head, “Only you.” He laid his hands on Aaron’s neck and pulled him in for an actual kiss and Aaron groaned when Spencer pulled away with a smile, “That’s a kiss. But…the other was good too.”

Aaron smiled “You liked it?”

Spencer rolled his eyes, “As if you couldn’t tell.”

Aaron grinned and as they both got clean again and got out of the shower he had to fight the urge to constantly touch Spencer. They were both clean and in sweatpants when Spencer finally turned to Aaron with a small smile, “We should eat you know, it’s going on 6. So the question is really, what’s your favorite take-out?”

“Hmmm, know any good Thai places?” Aaron couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around the slighter man, “And next week I’m going to cook for you, so you’ll just have to come to my place.”

Spencer grinned, “Yeah? And I know a good place, let me get the menu and we can call in.” Aaron let the younger man go, and moved to the couch with a sigh. It didn’t take long for the younger man to come back and settle next to him with the phone and menu, “So what do you like?”

It almost felt too easy to pick something out and watch Spencer place their order, to pull the slighter man into the circle of his arms and play with his hair. Spencer lazed against him with a smile, and somehow they were able to actually have a conversation. Spencer animatedly waving his hands in front of them while they talked, and Aaron indulgently adding his own opinion now and again; by the time Spencer had worked his way to why whaling should be illegal the doorbell was being rung and the taller man was scrambling to get to it.

He came back bearing a paper bag, 2 forks, and had somehow acquired a shirt and that damn scarf. Aaron felt himself frown, but accepted the food Spencer offered him without comment. They were silent while they ate, and Aaron knew Spencer was sending him anxious looks.

Aaron sighed when he was done and held his hand out for Spencer’s now empty carton before stuffing them both in the bag and taking them to the garbage. When he’d settled back on the couch, Spencer buried his face against Aaron’s neck. “Why’re you angry with me?”

Aaron sighed and shook his head, “I’m not. Really I’m not. Just…” he tugged on the scarf, “Why did you put this on? The shirt I can get but the scarf?”

Spencer blinked at him “It’s…I don’t…like people seeing….that…”

“Spencer. You told me there’s video of us dancing, is it true?” Aaron drew a hand through the younger man’s long hair after he nodded, “Does that bother you?”

Spencer blinked, “Um, not really. The team won’t do anything, not really. They’ll have a laugh over it, but they just want me happy. Even when they have the most stupid ways of expressing it.”

Aaron nodded, “Are you planning on telling your mother?”

“That we’re having sex?” Spencer’s tone was sarcastic and Aaron tugged his hair a bit with a smile and Spencer sighed, “Yes, I probably will end up telling her we’re together....or whatever it is we are.”

“Fair enough. Now,” Aaron pulled Spencer closer and rested his forehead against Spencer’s, “if you’re okay with all that, why does it matter what some punk thinks?”

“It doesn’t.”

Spencer’s voice was soft and Aaron smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, “No more scarf?” Spencer nodded with a small smile, “You know why? Because it doesn’t matter what the hell they think. What matters is that you and I like it. But I think we can find a use for that scarf.”

Aaron pulled away far enough to tug the scarf away from Spencer’s throat, again revealing the hicky. He leaned further back and tugged lightly on Spencer’s shirt, and sat back watching the younger man pull it off. “Have you ever had your hands tied?” Aaron knew his voice had dropped a few tones and he grinned when Spencer’s eyes widened.

“Um, no?” Spencer’s voice was more than unsure as he gazed at Aaron, slightly frightened but it was also fairly obvious he was turned on as well.

Aaron pulled him close again, “Want to try it?” Spencer blinked at him slowly before nodding and holding his wrists out half expectantly, but Aaron just shook his head and turned him around. “I’m not going to tie them tight but they won’t be loose either okay?” Spencer nodded again as Aaron wrapped the soft length of cloth around his wrists and tied it securely.

Aaron leaned back to inspect his work with satisfaction, Spencer was half naked and bound looking back at Aaron over his shoulder. Aaron grinned; the only thing that could possibly make this sight any hotter was if he got rid of Spencer’s pants.

Which he could do, so he did; and was greeted by the sight of a completely naked Spencer Reid kneeling on the couch practically panting as Aaron inspected him. Aaron hadn’t ever played much with the whole bondage thing, but this was very nice and definitely something he could get used to.

Aaron wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with Spencer first, but he knew before he did anything he needed to fetch the lube. So he did, and came back to see Spencer struggling to right himself on the sofa since he’d apparently fallen over. Aaron knew Spencer wouldn’t appreciate being called cute, so he didn’t. He just set the lube on the coffee table and moved to help the younger man.

“So Doctor, what should we do?” Aaron had arranged them on the couch so that Spencer was half in his lap and in the perfect position to be petted like a cat. Which the younger man didn’t seem to mind at all, and Aaron was practically expecting him to purr. “Your choices are fairly straight forward; I could bend you over the couch itself, you could give me another blow job, or I could finger fuck you over the coffee table.”

Spencer’s breathing hitched as Aaron made a soft “hmmm” sound in the back of his throat, “You know my dearest Doctor, we could do all three. I think I like that idea the most.” Spencer’s breathing was definitely labored now, as Aaron helped him ease onto the floor and between his knees. Slipping off his sweatpants was easy, and having Spencer’s mouth on him was definitely even better than he remembered it.

The younger man was definitely new at it, but Aaron couldn’t find it in him to care as he slipped his hands into the long hair in front of him. “God Spencer,” His voiced sounded choked but as he fought to keep his hips still he honestly didn’t give a damn. It wasn’t long before Aaron forced himself to push Spencer back; as nice as it would be to just lounge there, he had plans.

Aaron knew Spencer had no idea how attractive he was, which only made him more attractive in a way; but seeing Spencer kneeling in front of him with slightly bruised lips and half-lidded eyes, completely and utterly his was an awesome sight. Aaron felt himself groan as he pulled Spencer in for a kiss, “Come on babe, I promised a few things and it’s time to deliver.”

Spencer was already on his knees, so arranging him over the low coffee table was a simple matter of easing him over until his chest was resting against it and gently forcing him to spread his legs. And then it was time to play, so Aaron did. Littering Spencer’s back with kisses and bites while fingering him experimentally. He knew when he’d found the other man’s prostate from the inarticulate cries and struggling that commenced; Aaron smirked and took note of the angle for later.

He let himself play with the other man’s body for a lot longer than he necessarily needed to, but he finally pulled them both to their feet and helped a slightly unsteady Spencer around to the back of his couch. Spencer didn’t even need to be told what to do, he leaned over and spread his legs with a groan that made Aaron grin.

Fucking Spencer that time was different. Aaron wasn’t as on edge and he went slower, loving the feel of the man beneath him, the sight of Spencer arching back to meet him, and the sound of Spencer’s groans. It took a lot longer for him to come, but Spencer tightening around him as the slighter man finally gave in was enough to drag him over the edge as well.

He finally sighed and pulled away with a grimace a few moments later, “Come on you, let’s get you to bed.”

Spencer only nodded and allowed Aaron to guide him back to the bedroom. Settling into the bed with an armful of newly untied Spencer was a nice change to his now accustomed solitude. The way the younger man gazed at him silently was a bit unnerving, but Aaron knew that the poor guy was probably reeling from the day so all he did was press a kiss to the edge of his mouth again. The other man gave a sleepy sigh and cuddled impossibly closer to Aaron, pressing a kiss of his own against Aaron’s mouth. “Thank you.”

And Aaron felt undone.



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