November 11th, 2010


Figuring it Out

Title: Figuring it Out
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Words: 2392
Warnings: Spoilers for the next episode of Glee. (highlight for Spoiler:
Mentions o fblaine .)
Author's Note: I don't even know where half of this came from. I basically took Puck's return and made it after the whole mess with Karofsky which pissed me off and had my Kurt just decide he wants to transfer straight away, and of course money is no object because Burt owns a successful business okay? Lots of money.*blink* I hope you like it?
Disclaimer: If I owned this show it wouldn't be half as awesome, because I freely admit that RM is totally more talented than I am. So lets all just be happy I don't and move on.
Blaine watched the old truck speed off and glanced at Kurt's face, the strange mixture of confusion and pleasure made him smile. “So, is he still just an acquaintance?”
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