May 4th, 2010



Title: Memory
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3184
Summary: In that moment Aaron Hotchner made a conscious decision to never hug Spencer Reid again.
Author's Note:
OKAY~! So a few days ago chiazu introduced herself over at cm_hotch_reid, and asked for a rec for a fic that centered around what I call in my head The Hug of Revelations (*insert laughter at stupid pun here*) or she requested that someone write one. Well, I didn't know of any fics that fit that description so I volunteered to write one. Which was going to be short, well I'm me and nothing I write stays short. Unless I want it to be long. So, either way this is what I came up with. It hasn't been betad, since colordrone is out of town for the week so if you spot any HUGE mistakes point them out and I'll fix them. Otherwise let me know what you think! =D

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