February 20th, 2010


Recent Life

It's been forever since I've actually just done a plain update. So here we Go I suppose.

Have you ever gotten the feeling you're being used? At the moment I'm pretty sure that someone I've known a hella long time is just using me, and it does bother me but I can't bring myself to not help him when he asks. And it's not like it's anything huge, it's just sending him stuff and it isn't difficult to do. It just hurts that the only time he talks to me now is when he needs a favor. But whatever.

I have been playing with photoshop! =D I've made and posted two really random photomanips, which are here:
Defenseless and Redemption

Check them out! I'm kind of proud of them and I'm totally making more. Also apparently I'm going to get a camera, sooo I'm getting into Photography? So yeah. We'll see where that goes. Probably will end up meaning the long days I spend traipsing across the New English countryside will actually result in pictures instead of nothing.

My newest obsession is Kink on Tap which is a podcast hosted by Maymay (also here take note that this link is not work safe, plzkthnks) and Emma, both of whom are mega interesting people! Together they do this podcast on, well duh, sexual kinks. But what could (and would if done by most people) become a horribly graphic and awkward podcast turns into an very interesting, amusing and helpful discussion of Politics, Social Norms, and Sexuality. Personally, I think everyone should check them out because if nothing else it's interesting. Personally they've helped me come to terms with some of the things I personally want/need, which is always a good thing. =3

I've recently finished doing a Podfic of Birth-day by Xanthe, so as soon as I finish podficcing my own series Definitively, I'm going to start looking for others to podfic because I'm pretty addicted to the entire idea. =3

Currently I'm working on the next chapter of My Belle but the going is a bit difficult at the moment. I blame Gibbs, and if you don't know why god bless you. Also going to post more on Definitively soon, that series is much more fun to write.

Sooo yeah. If any of that is in any way interesting to you YAY~! If not, sorry. Either way, I'll see you guys on the comms!