January 11th, 2010


~National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2010~

Most of you probably see me as a fluffy little girl, who's sweet but a bit lazy and spends most of her time thinking about NCIS and Harry Potter. And that's perfectly okay, because I accept that about myself. But for the rest of this I'm going to be painfully serious; and I hope you will be too. Don't just read this because you're humoring me, read it because there are people out there that can't write this for themselves. I'm not even asking you to really do anything, I'm asking you to look at the links and information I'm about to provide you and draw your own conclusions. If you decide to not do anything after that it's between you and yourself or whoever you consider to be god.

My own personal discovery that Slavery still existed came towards the end of my first semester senior year, just over a year ago actually. The last movie my sociology class watched together was Human Trafficking and it made a definite impact. Granted, it focuses on the sex trade industry, not exactly on the end slavery issue; that didn't make the experience of watching it any less jarring for me. It bothered me for reason I wont explore at the moment, because frankly I'm not the point of this note. Either way, I looked further into the issue and what I found is the stark facts that back up every thing that movie portrayed and more.

The first organization that jumped out at me was The Not For Sale Campaign and they're still one of my favorite organizations, they're creative, and their site has tons of ideas for a normal person to help contribute to ending slavery. They provide an amount of raw information that doesn't apologize in it's reality. They don't shy away from telling you that there are over 27 million slaves in today's world, and one of the biggest markets for these slaves is right here in the USA. One of the sites made in an attempt to curb this is The Slavery Map; the idea is that people need to learn what to look for and report it.

But Not For Sale isn't just focused on the United States of America; they have several projects around the world focused on helping orphans and former slaves. Their vision is to “end slavery in our lifetime.” But they aren't alone in the fight.

The Freeze Project is another organization focused on raising awareness to the issue; it's not as involved as Not For Sale but it's still a viable option if you wanted to get involved. Plus I think it looks a bit fun, to be honest.

A few other sites worth checking out if you're interested are;
  • www.freetheslaves.net/
  • www.onevoicetoendslavery.com/
  • www.just4one.org/