January 6th, 2010


Puppy Love- Xanthe

Oh~! So Exciting!

Puppy Love
Author: xanthe
Reader: ashbear02
Fandom:  NCIS
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony's true inner self is revealed – as is his heart's desire…
Text: Puppy Love
Length: 0:26:23
Format: mp3
Audio: Puppy Love
Note: This is my first podfic. Ever. I've been interested in doing them for a while, and I finally decided that there wasn't anytime like the present and decided to sit down and do one. Let me know what you think, it isn't perfect but I was sort of shooting in the dark when I did it. I used a program called WavePad Sound Editor, it's new to me and I did the best I could with it.
The fic is a favorite oneshot of mine by Xanthe. So, YAY~!
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