December 11th, 2009


The Princess And The Frog

So everyone who knows me, knows I'm a Disneyholic, well actually it's much more of an animation junkie (if it's animated I'll watch it, literally). Also if you know me, We all know that The Princess and The Frog came out today yes? So where is the logical place for me to end up? At the local Regal Cinema, Extra Large Pibb in hand (who'd have thought that Pibb Extra would be so difficult to find in Massachusetts? And it was only $0.75 more for the extra large so capitalism got me.) sitting alone in the half empty theater watching one of the late showings of the latest Disney Princess movie.

I'll admit that a part of me was super skeptical. The political storm that surrounded the first black Disney princess almost gave me an ulcer; personally I don't care about the race of the main character or even minor ones for that matter. A good story is a good story always has been to me, the fact that Disney was being forced to be more than politically correct than they've ever been in the past made me smirk and twitch in equal measure. I didn't care if her name was Maddie or Tiana, if she was a waitress or a maid, or if her prince is Polynesian or White; all i wanted was something that would make me smile and not be completely insipid.

I did have hopes, I mean Ron Clements and John Musker are two of my favorites when it comes to animation directors, and Randy Newman did the music for Cats Don't Dance so a little part of me danced when i heard he was doing music for the new classic. So my biggest fear was to see those hopes crushed under another lack-luster Disney movie, I mean who actually wanted to see G Force?

So sitting in that dark theater, slightly lonely, and getting more and more hyped on Pibb through the previews I was slightly worried and excited. But as soon as I heard the first lovely notes of "Down in New Orleans" and saw the artwork I was sold. The movie lived up to my hopes, and transcended the political maelstrom that surrounded it. The plot isn't too complicated, it's a kids movie so duh, but it's lovely in it's simplicity.

Tiana's character is witty, intelligent, and almost too independent; Naveen's a pretty boy prince who doesn't know how to do anything but party and somehow they both remain lovable throughout. Along with a cast of animal characters from the Bayou the two attempt to figure out just how they can become human again. It's charming and sweet and just the thing I needed to cheer me up after a few weeks stuck with my parents. The music was lovely, the humor witty, and the animation, amazing; I give it five stars and anyone with kids should see it.