January 25th, 2009


Modern Slavery

     I'm posting this because slavery has always made me angry, even when I was in the 5th grade and I first started really learning about it. I'm sure I was endlessly amusing to my very liberal African-american teacher, this little red-headed southern child becoming repeatedly outraged over the sins of her own ancestors. I remember very very well the first time I truly realized that my father's ancestors were apart of this, I was so ashamed and so outraged. That's when I first noticed my father's bigotry, and that's when the first true seeds of dissatisfaction with him where sown. Many of you don't realize how dysfunctional my relationship with my biological father is, and that's another subject. One of the few things that has always made me feel a bit better was simply that slavery was over; it wasn't going on anymore, and I didn't have to think about it too much. However in the past month it's become far too apparent to me that this is a lie, slavery is still far too prevalent even in today's society. You're probably sitting there going, "how the hell did this come up?" Well I suppose the first I thought about it was in sociology last semester, Ms Cannon had us watch a movie called Human Trafficking:

     It's a good movie, but incredibly disturbing. I went to fourth every day afterwards shaking and almost in tears over something I thought was gone. It was one of those things that sits in the back of your mind and crawls up when you least expect it to, but I figured since I'm so young there wasn't much I could do. Still it sat in my head, making me grumpy and slightly more on edge than normal. Finally towards the end of the break, I told myself if it kept coming up I'd find some way to do something about it. Well the next day Opera had that show with Demi Moore and Ashton on, and they were talking about what? Abolishing Human Trafficking. I sat there in shock, and then proceeded to talk myself out of googling it. Then what did we start talking about in health class? Human Trafficking. Well universe I give. I googled it, and I've found...a few sites I thought I'd share with you.
  •  "Make Combating Human Trafficking a Priority" a petition on facebook that you should all sign, since it doesn't take five minutes to do.
  •  "Not For Sale Campaign on Facebook" a group you should join since it takes NO time to do at all. But it got me curious about the actual site.
  • "Not for Sale Campaign" this is an amazing website that tells you more than you'd probably ever want to know.  You can sign up for an e-zine and it also provides a lot of ways for you to help/get involved. I personally feel a bit less lost on what to do to make a difference in something that I thought I was too small to do anything about.
  • Backyard Abolitionists Tour  It's a program that is coming to Atlanta next month that's trying to bring awareness to this issue. I'm planning on going and dragging my friends along with me, it's an innovative presentation on human trafficking combining music, video, and information by David Batstone and musician/activist Brant Christopher Manswar.
So I'll stop rambling now. And let you be, I can't make you do anything and I can't make you go to those sites or even care. But I think that if you do take the ten minutes to look into it you'll find how easy it is to make a difference. From here on out I'm doing my best, how about you?