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My Bell Chapter 1

Title: My Belle
Characters: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, and the whole gang; along with more than a few OCs.
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: PG-13/probably higher as I go.
Warning: None for the moment.
Spoilers: None really, just a few allusions to the past. o_0;
A/N: So, my first ever NCIS fic. I'm kind of excited/terrified to post it. I'm going to go ahead and tell you that I don't have a beta, so if anyone wants to volunteer feel free but otherwise...I can't promise it wont be without Issues.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs stood numbly at the crime scene knowing that he wasn’t going to be the one authenticating that the car crash was an accident for once; it went against regulation to work a case that involved family. He shouldn’t have been notified for hours in actuality but he was Special Agent Gibbs, when he demanded information he got his information. Gibbs hadn’t been there long, but he knew he’d lost his little sister, and he was pointedly ignoring the small part of himself that was breaking while he watched them attempt to revive her body.

He heard a familiar voice and turned to see a small girl running towards him, and he froze.

“Daddy, Daddy!!!” The little girl was running towards him, a ready smile on her face and her long copper gold hair streaming behind her. As she got closer he knelt to catch her in his arms before swinging her around, relishing her laughter the entire time.

He was knocked out of his memory by the reality of a very different little girl slamming into his legs, a little girl that was desperately clinging to him and definitely not his Kelly. He suppressed a wince and a sigh, before bending down to face his niece. She’d been crying, understandably so, but seemed to be physically fine. She was only 7; Gibbs hadn’t seen her since she was 2, so he doubted Michelle would remember him.

Cheryl had been his half sister; she’d been born when he was 20. They hadn’t been close when she was young, and they’d only really developed any kind of friendship when she’d gotten old enough to be on her own and face the world. They still hadn’t seen each other much but their sibling bond was definitely stronger than either would have admitted, even to each other.

When she’d told him she was going to be artificially inseminated so that she could have a baby alone, he’d been honest and told her she was crazy, he could still remember her dry voice answering “Well fuck you too Jethro, I didn’t call for your permission I called for your help. Now will you give it or not?”

So despite Gibbs’ dubious opinion nine months later he’d shown when she’d called and asked him to be there for the birth. She’d stayed in his guest room for the first rocky months of her new parenthood, and he’d even grown to be fond of the screaming pink bundle. Now 4 years later he was being clutched by a young girl that he’d only seen a handful of times since, hoping to god whoever she left as his niece’s guardian would know some way to help her because God know Jethro had no clue what to do.

It wasn’t until a week and a half later, after the funeral, that he was informed by Cheryl’s lawyer that he had been named her sole guardian. He’d been numb for the scant hour it had taken to go over the last of her official business, and had taken Michelle back to what would now be their home. Suddenly Gibbs’ had a whole host of new problems, not to mention the fact that he didn’t have a guest room any more.


Antony DiNozzo was worried, and he hated being worried because it made him twitchy. Most especially when he was worried about a certain boss that he did not have any kind of feelings for that weren’t strictly professional, which is what he attempted to convince himself of daily. Gibbs had taken off a week and a half ago, without saying a word, and had yet to show up again. Vance had informed them two days later that their boss was taking “personal” time, and would be back as soon as it was “feasible.”

Finally that morning, two and a half weeks later, Gibbs had strolled in with no warning as if nothing had happened; leaving Tony, McGee and Ziva to stare at him. But still something had seemed off to Tony, and the lingering feeling of doubt only made him twitchier.

The entire day he’d been fumbling around trying not to let the lead weight in his gut affect his work. He wasn’t sure how well it had worked, but he at least could tell himself that he’d tried for his own dignity’s sake if nothing else.

He cushioned his head on his arms while poking his keyboard dejectedly, they weren’t in the middle of a case, so they’d been going through cold cases like always. Tony hated cold cases; they made him feel vaguely bored and guilty at the same time. McGee had caught at lead around 4 and they’d carted the guy in and Gibbs had spent less than twenty minutes in the interrogation room until the entire story had unfolded. Now all was left was to write their reports, not that Tony would have left anyway.

Gibbs had left his coat, still warm coffee, and his cell on his desk before disappearing randomly about an hour before. Tony knew he’d be back and refused to leave until he knew what was going on, not that he’d ever have the balls to say that to Gibbs’ face. He liked his extremities too much to risk them in the face of Gibbs’ ire, especially with the mood the older man had been in.

Ziva threw a small paper ball at him, “Incoming. Look alert.”

Tony blinked at her and smiled before sitting up, “It’s alive, Ziva, look alive.”

The woman shrugged, “But alive and alert mean the same thing, yes?”

Before Tony could explain Gibbs swept into the bullpen, his face clouded as it had been all day and Tony wisely decided to keep his mouth shut. Gibbs sent him a look anyway, and it was all Tony could do not to “eep” before turning back to writing the report. But before he could actually focus on his computer something caught his eye and made him do a double take. There was a small girl standing next to Gibbs’ desk, looking almost painfully awkward.

Tony blinked; he’d definitely never seen this kid before. She was small, obviously no older than 7 or 8 years old, with blue eyes and long straight chocolate hair that was pulled into a decidedly sloppy pony tail. He clothes were slightly dirty; but still it was obviously something chosen for her, no child her age wore khakis of their own free will.

Tony blinked again, slowly this time before glancing at Ziva to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. But sure enough the expression on her face probably mirrored the one on his own, their eyes met and she shrugged. They both glanced at McGee who looked even more puzzled than they did, if it was possible. They all continued to stare silently, and Tony felt bad for the girl because she obviously felt uncomfortable with all the attention. Tony knew Gibbs’ well enough to know that he wasn’t going to say anything first, not in this mood he was in, so that left one of them to break the ice.

He glanced at the other two, and suppressed the urge to slam his head onto the smooth surface of his desk. Finally he looked at Gibbs and tried his best to smile like normal, “Hey Gibbs, I thought you only went for redheads, who’s the brunette beauty?”

He suddenly had 4 pair of eyes on him and the silence stretched for what felt like ever before Gibbs grunted, “That’s Michelle. She’s my niece, and I don’t just go for redheads DiNozzo.” The relief in the room was almost palpable, but Michelle still looked almost painfully awkward and Tony felt bad for her.

He had a feeling this little girl had been through more than Gibbs was willing to explain, he also knew she wasn’t going to feel better just watching Gibbs type and Tony had always been a sucker for blue eyes. So he bit his lip before standing and making his way towards Gibbs desk.

“Michelle huh? I’m Tony, did you know that there’s a really famous song with your name in it, it’s one of my favorites.” Tony knelt down and smiled at her. Michelle, who had darted to the other side of Gibbs as soon as Tony had moved, peeked around Gibbs and smiled back, Tony’s grin widened before he held a hand out to her, “Come on, it’s on my iPod I’ll let you listen to it and see if you like it. How about that?” She glanced briefly up at her silent uncle, barely catching his nod, before darting around him and taking Tony’s hand silently.

“Well, that was weird,” Ziva’s voice was soft as she watched Tony lead the small girl to his desk, “is he not normally “crap” with kids?” She glanced at McGee for confirmation, and he nodded back with wide eyes.

They both turned to Gibbs, almost worried to see his reaction, but found his face was just as inscrutable as always. His eyes were trained on his niece, who was listening to a song with a very serious face. Finally he turned to them and snapped, “Shouldn’t you two be working?” They immediately tried to look busy, and pointedly ignored their boss as he continued to type on his own report.

Tony had been sure Michelle had heard the song before, but she shook her head “I haven’t heard this singer, but…my mom used to sing these words a lot.”

Tony smiled, “I bet it was one of her favorites, after all it’s a classic. It was one of my mom’s favorites too. She used to say she named me Antony because it was my father’s name, and Michael because she didn’t have a girl to name Michelle.” Michelle’s laugh was easy, and Tony liked it not that he was sure she knew what she was really laughing at; still he’d take what he could get. “You can use my iPod all you like, Belle. I have a lot of music and even a few games on there, I think I can even get an extra chair for you to use.” Her eyes had widened at the nickname but she nodded vigorously, it didn’t take long at all for Tony to find an extra chair and set her up in his corner.

Tony forced himself to relax and finish his half written report, it was surprisingly easy to do. He’d just finished running spell check for the third time when he saw Gibbs stand and stalk towards his desk from the corner of his eye. Tony swallowed nervously, before forcing himself to grin. “Hey boss, sorry about that but she just looked…you know…bored.” Gibbs just stood there staring down at him, and Tony again felt like a bug that had been pinned under a microscope.

It felt like forever before Gibbs nodded, “I should get her home though; it’s going on 8 now.” Tony glanced back at the girl who was still fiddling with his iTouch.

He smiled before reaching out to nudge her chair, she looked up startled. But she got it as soon as she saw Gibbs, she gingerly removed the earphones and handed the device back to Tony. “Thanks.” Gibbs had already started walking and she had to scamper after him. Tony shook his head briefly wondering what the hell was going on with his boss before printing off his report, filed it with the others and finally heading home.

For the rest of the week Michelle was present in the evenings, Tony didn’t think twice about it. Most schools didn’t stay open all night, and it was obvious that’s where she went. Tony did however do a swift double take the first evening she didn’t show, but he honestly wasn’t surprised. He knew Gibbs wouldn’t keep bringing her, even though Tony had gotten to be fond of her he knew it was probably better that she wasn’t there.

He barely had time that evening to miss her because they’d caught a case. Bust still Tony couldn’t help but cast a few glances at the corner that he couldn’t help but wish wasn’t empty.

Chapter 2



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Jan. 20th, 2010 08:42 pm (UTC)
I found the last chapter, peeked a bit (I'm so bad!) and I just had to go back and read from the beginning! I'm loving the addition of family to my two favorite characters, and how well you've done it!

And btw, I love your Bill mood pics <3!
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